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Elizabeth II’s farewell serves to assess who is who on the international stage

The remnants of British imperialism include a clear protocol for the relevant acts of his Crown, as the head of state, with perfectly prepared plans with their respective names. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England is one of the most relevant and transcendent events of this century and a strict invitation is essential to attend. More than 500 personalities from around the world, including heads of state and government, have received the precious letter of British protocol, all except those not welcome, for reasons deemed appropriate. This is the case with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and other leaders of other countries, such as Syria, Belarus, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Myanmar, who are not directly expected, or others who can only bring their ambassadors, such as Nicaragua. or North Korea. The reasons why the British protocol excludes these dictators are obvious, although for the same or similar reasons, China and Cuba could also be included, for example. Perhaps the famous statement by a British political leader who said that the United Kingdom has no foreign policy, but has interests, is more appropriate than ever.

On the world stage, the funeral in London serves to judge who is who and on which side. US President Joe Biden has urged in recent hours that Putin’s Russia would become an international pariah if his president orders the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine to counter the offensive of President Zelensky’s army. offer. For the camp of liberal democracies faced with the expansionist aggression of the authoritarian populism of Putin and his followers, his absence from London sends a clear message of determination and determination: even now interests do not come before principles and values ​​at stake. stand . Ukraine is the bloody scene, with actions by Russian military units as despicable as the horrific killings of civilians in Izium. It also has its tension in Taiwan. Russian and Chinese leaders confirmed in Samarkand that the change of the international order is underway. That’s the key and they don’t hide it. Especially the Chinese communists, who challenge the international economic, commercial, political and military hegemony of the United States and the European Union. However, their internal problems indicate that the long duration of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not in their favor. The Indian leader’s claim to Putin that this is not the time for war was answered by Putin. Disturbing.

Source: La Verdad


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