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Ribera will continue his plan because he has the BOE, but the Council of State has given him a fail on hydrological planning and endorses the arguments of the irrigators and the regional government in the electoral prelude. What Miras had not counted on is the indictment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office against the chairman of the port

The conclusions of a Harvard University study that has followed the lives of 268 people since 1938 and that of their partners and children concludes that the key to well-being lies in the quality of personal relationships throughout life. I am convinced that this observation affects politics in the same way in every time frame. Four months after the election, once the 2023 budgets have been approved and are already in an election year and thus the possibility of removal by means other than the ballot box has closed, López Miras has let go of ballast and put an end to the politically toxic sham relations he maintained with the former Head of Education, a former Vox deputy who, as a grotesque legacy, left behind the confession that he will not vote again in his lifetime. Presumably out of gratitude for the lifeline he received from both in the vote of no confidence, Miras holds Valle Miguélez and Isabel Franco in the executive, but with powers practically reduced to testimonies, which the second matched by releasing a poisonous sentence for the audience of Miras. account: The legislature ended up approving the budgets, Franco said.

I don’t know if he did it without noticing he was contradicting the director, or maliciously as a subtle revenge for the loss of gallons, not payroll. The truth is that the vice president is right. The three incorporations undoubtedly improve a government of circumstances that has led the Region since the failed no-confidence vote, but they will be able to do little in the few seventy days during which it is possible to deploy government action. I presume that the intention of San Esteban will be the opposite, at least to show as much dynamics as possible. Juan María Vázquez, Conchita Ruiz and Víctor Marín have proven administrative capacity, the appointments in the second step will be minimal and the adjustment of the Budget to the new division of powers per ministries was already published yesterday in the BORM. In any case, in this configuration of government, the first that Miras has done without depending on other parties since 2019, the electoral interest prevails in projecting what would be the strong core and the profile of its executive in the event of a victory in May. .

Opinion polls indicate that the PP could win with an absolute majority or with a sufficient majority not to depend on Vox. But in politics, the scenario is constantly changing. Some factors that will weigh heavily are already consolidating. Electorally, the position that Miras deployed around the Tagus Plan and the Transfer works in his favor. Vice President Teresa Ribera will not shy away from an issue that is part of her personal agenda. If it has been able to scrap the environmental impact statement for large photovoltaic installations, to establish itself in Europe as a champion in renewable energy generation, which will be of little use for the time being as long as the country is not electrified much more I doubt it will comments from the Council of State.

The non-binding opinion does not prevent the approval of the Tagus plan, but it is a strain in terms of hydrological planning, as it accepts the technical allegations of the regional executive and the government of Ximo Puig, which coincide with that of the irrigators. The ruling questions the lack of coordination between the Tagus and Segura plans, points out that ecological flows must be compatible with the Diversion and calls, among other things, for the improvement of the technical criteria for determining such flows. Ribera will win because he controls the BOE, but now with higher electoral costs for the Murcian and Valencian socialists.

What López Miras did not count on is the complaint that will be filed by the Attorney General’s Office against Antonio Sevilla and Yolanda Muñoz for allegedly forged contracts, with no connection between the two, in the Port Authority. Logically, the opposition has already requested the resignation of the chairman of the port, who still does not immediately know what she is accused of because she is not formally subject to judicial investigation.

Before long, the judge opens the proceedings and calls on her to testify as an under investigation to respond to the prosecution’s accusations. As in the two previous regional elections, the Cartagena region will once again be key to the López Miras party’s aspirations. It is there where the PP lost its absolute majority. The judicial investigation that is now opening there is even more complicated, especially since the trial of the ‘Novo Carthage case’ will start in just over a month. We will have to be alert to future events.

Source: La Verdad


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