Negotiations between friendship and rope team


“Democracy is the need to bow to other people’s opinions,” said the indomitable Winston Churchill. While the ÖVP sees itself in the unknown role after the state elections of needing a real partner on the government bench in the future, the potential coalition partners try to sell themselves as dearly as possible. The “Krone” reveals what the FPÖ and Udo Landbauer should be prepared for – and why Sven Hergovich’s SPÖ list should not be so solid if he has already sold it to the outside world.

After the elections – yes, what exactly? The last posters circulated still “decorate” the landscape, high politics itself is rare. On the one hand, this is due to the well-deserved vacation of the second and third row, who got sore feet before January 29 and gagged themselves. And in the foreground, negotiations take place as far as possible. Behind the scenes, yes. What you hear there in the loud whispers on stage makes at least one thing clear: it makes sense that the constituent session of the state parliament should take place no later than March 23.

Source: Krone


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