Disney nuiMOs plush: the new fashion collection with looks designed by Maeve Reilly


Disney nuiMOs plush – Finally the world can discover the new collection of trendy plush, clothing and accessories Disney nuiMOs little friends who are a real guarantee in terms of style! After launching in Disney Stores in Japan and China and Disneyland Resorts in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Disney nuiMOs immediately gained popularity on social media thanks to the many fans who customized their outfits and took them with them on the adventures of everyday life. : at Disney theme parks, on the beach, while shopping or on any other trip.

Disney nuiMOs plush: Celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly created the fashion looks

Disney nuiMOs soft toys will now also be available in Europe for the first time. The first Disney nuiMOs to be available are those of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Stitch and Angel with a wide assortment of trendy outfits and accessories that fans can combine to create their favorite style.

Starting from February 1st, every first Monday of the month, new accessories, outfits and characters will be unveiled to keep up with the latest trends. The new Disney nuiMOs will also include collaborations with other brands such as Loungefly, Spirit Jersey, Ashley Eckstein and more.

The name nuiMOs comes from the mix between Japanese words nuigurumi, which means plush, doll, and moderu, which means model. Disney nuiMOs are designed to be an extension of oneself and give the ability to customize their look to reflect their tastes and personality. Disney nuiMOs are also flexible and can reproduce a wide range of poses. Thanks to their characteristics and small size, they are truly perfect models and travel companions.

The celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly has managed to build a solid reputation in the fashion world, helping to set trends around the world. Her passion for accessories, attention to emerging brands and attention to detail have made her a stylist strongly requested by icons from all over the world. To celebrate the launch of the nuiMOs, Maeve Reilly has created five different outfits for Mickey and Minnie Mouse soft toys, combining clothes and accessories from the new lines to inspire fans to create their own style. The Disney nuiMOs stylings proposed by Maeve are: Streetwear, Tokyo vs Los Angeles Street Style, Loungewear, Day to Night e Day at Disney Parks.

“I had a lot of fun creating and designing the nuiMOs looks for the global launch,” said Maeve Reilly, “I have a huge passion for accessories and I believe that attention to detail is essential to create the perfect outfit. for any occasion, whether it’s a lunch or just watching a movie on the sofa. These little soft toys are perfect to customize to express your style. “

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