Emotionally dependent: “Without me you are nothing!”


Neither skilled women nor successful men are immune from falling victim to a recurrence effect. You just need to keep drumming something into an emotionally unstable person and at some point they’ll believe it’s true.

What a start! Bianca and Tommy are hopelessly in love. Full agreement from family and friends: “You two are a dream couple.” Tommy leaves his Garçonnière and moves into Bianca’s cozy apartment. After a while, sadness sets in. Finally, Bianca articulates the unspeakable: “I think I want to be alone again.” Tommy says, “You can’t live without me.” He has many such claims up his sleeve. And he never misses an opportunity to convince Bianca, “You’re nothing without me.” “You can’t do it alone.” “You need me.”

Source: Krone


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