The weight of the words


As an opposition politician you can also make it easy on yourself. About as easy as Herbert Kickl in the ORF series “Summer Talks” on Monday.

You say something that is far from all fact and reality, but it sounds good and gets the applause of your fans in a cheap way. With an opposition politician far removed from any government responsibility, that can be tolerated as a program. It’s different, though, when someone has higher duties than that of the abusive leader in the beer tent at a late hour.

For example, if you, as a governor, have to pay attention to the weight of the words. Thomas Stelzer and Anton Mattle from Upper Austria from Tyrol recently proved that they were not quite up to the task.

Starting a debate about the end of sanctions from the seat of the state government is – to put it politely – simply unworthy. If Stelzer and Mattle know this isn’t possible, even if they wanted to, then it’s shameless.

You can definitely pick up some cheap crowd-pleasing points on this tour. But to fool people into believing that the price of gas can be lowered to acceptable levels and inflation can be lowered, that’s brutal populism.

Stelzer and Mattle have the right to drop to Kickl level for now. Fortunately, the governor of Salzburg, Wilfried Haslauer, is too smart to play with this dangerous nonsense.

Source: Krone


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