The Scorpion and the Frog


You live in Murcia, they show you the weather map on TV and you are shocked. You see that the four-pointed star that draws the boundaries of the regional territory is covered, charged with an intense purple and you fear that it will undergo a thermonuclear explosion at any moment and become a star of fire. Inevitably you link the red star of Murcia to the complaints from the north, which you heard shortly before on the same TV because of the lack of rain. They are right, of course, but we would like to have that deficiency here. In his song dedicated to the Mothers of May, the lamented Carlos Cano says: “Every time they say homeland, I think of the people and I begin to tremble.” Something similar happens to me when, when election time comes, politicians at the national level come to Murcia and promise water. Water for everyone. “Whatever,” Abascal exclaimed recently. Wholeheartedly, but who knows who and what “Whatever” is. Others before him, both from the PP and the PSOE, also promised to bring water to the Levante provinces. They said it, they left and there was nothing. The last to do this – and it will soon be the penultimate – was Feijóo. The PP president has just promised that if he takes office he will create the National Water Pact. Well seen that I see it but that the candidate must bind the males well. For starters, you could use your meetings to say the same thing everywhere. I would lose votes. In Castilla-La Mancha, for example, where Bono, Barreda, Cospedal and García-Page have been fighting the Tagus-Segura for 40 years. Or in Aragón, where the popular Luisa Fernanda Rudí refuted Aznar’s PHN and radically opposed the frustrated transfer of the Ebro.No.Today it seems infeasible to the agony of one Spaniard that the need for water be heard by another Spaniard . The supply of water in our country, where it is scarce, is an election mantra destined not to be fulfilled, and they know it, because the inhabitants of the areas where it exists want it for themselves. In this regard, even a hopeless optimist is surrounded by skepticism. Through years of experience, the promise of water for Murcia is reminiscent of what the scorpion did to the frog in the famous fable Aesop wrote 2600 years ago. And it is that human nature has not changed. Cuddly toys.
Source: La Verdad

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