Be Patxi


To be a lawyer is to wait. Wait for the indicated hearing to begin. And maybe it will be suspended after waiting (without strikes by justice lawyers or judges and prosecutors, with normal operation). Recently, a man waited two hours to join “The Ana Rosa Program” as a witness to something that had happened on a bus. When Ana Rosa had already asked him, he said that they were going to eat him what rhymes with weed, that he had already waited two hours and put his hands in his crotch like Bardem. They cut. You don’t know what day that guy was wearing (I don’t know, the one from ‘A Day of Fury’). I also don’t know what Patxi López’s brain is like when she does an interview (like the other day with Alsina, what manners, what a sourpuss, how impervious to contradiction). The intervention of Ana Rosa’s witness was too brief to test that head. All Patxi has to say is that they’re going to eat what rhymes with weed. To be patxi is to grumble.
Source: La Verdad


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