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Traffic jams are one of the reasons that cause the most daily stress in cities and therefore one of the factors that can lead us to get into an accident. Especially during traffic jams, since most motorists make certain mistakes that do not help ease traffic jams, but only make the situation worse. It is estimated that in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​more than 42 hours a year can be lost due to being stuck in a car during an arrest. Besides the enormous waste of time involved, traffic jams have another characteristic that makes them unbearable: they bring out the worst in people. Instead of remaining calm and polite to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, we are throwing stones at our own roof, committing a series of avoidable mistakes that could endanger us and our vehicles, and furthermore contribute to the breakdown. forth. Standard Related news No tricks to save 30% fuel during the May holiday A. Noguerol The main causes of this excessive consumption are traffic jams, aggressive driving and the poor condition of the vehicle. No less important are the problems that traffic jams can cause our vehicle, especially if we have neglected its maintenance. According to the RACE, one of the serious failures that can occur in a car is related to the engine and depending on where the problem occurs: it is not the same for the engine to have a temperature rise that loses oil through a gasket. The engine of a car needs periodic maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of all its parts and for this it is essential to make an appointment at the workshop at least once a year. Engine failures can have many causes, such as poor lubrication or cooling, accumulation of exhaust gases, a communication error between the sensors, a spark plug in bad condition. It is also important to check the status of the battery, tires, fluids, lights or the status of the steering and brakes. For this reason, Cleverea experts list the most common mistakes in traffic jams: 1 The safety distance is still important Almost everyone understands the importance of keeping the safety distance when driving on the road, but it doesn’t work that way the traffic jams Once the traffic starts to slow down, the vehicles tend to get as close together as possible, which significantly increases the risk of collisions, the most common accidents in this kind of situation. It is not uncommon for there to be moments when you move forward a few meters, followed by other moments of more or less sudden braking as the traffic stops. If the safety distance is not respected and two or more vehicles collide, in addition to damage to the bodywork and possible whiplash, the traffic jam will last three times as long. 2 Accelerating and braking Related to the above, abrupt acceleration and braking also allow collisions between vehicles, while smooth and quiet driving is safer and smoother. You don’t get there faster by driving the same meters faster when the traffic stops later, the time you stand just gets longer and the time you walk shorter. What will happen is that gas mileage will increase, it will become more polluted and the brake pads will wear out faster. 3 Use your indicators Communication is essential for living together in society. Humans have designed hundreds of mechanisms and ways to communicate precisely because it is so important. There’s writing, Morse code, the telephone, the radio… and also the blinkers. They serve to communicate whether we are going left or right. Also for reporting a stop, a breakdown, a calamity or a retention. In traffic jams, after standing still for a long time or driving at a very low speed, motorists often become distracted or overconfident and perform maneuvers without signaling. Using your turn signals is essential so other drivers know what’s about to happen and can act accordingly. 4 lane changes In deserts, mirages create the illusion of an oasis of fresh water and greenery. In a traffic jam, the mirage is that you notice that one line is always ahead of the other and it’s never the line you’re in. Constantly changing lanes slows down already slow traffic even further, annoying other drivers and increasing the chance of an accident. To end a traffic jam quickly and keep traffic flowing, it is best to keep all vehicles in their lane until your exit arrives. 5 The Danger of Haste Being in a hurry to get there, especially in an emergency, and stuck in traffic is extremely frustrating, but it’s impossible to fight the elements. While every driver is stuck in a traffic dream of a flying car, he has no choice but to get comfortable in his own and arm himself with patience. The hustle and bustle, nerves and stress do not keep the traffic flowing. Rest, caution and responsible driving, yes. 6 Maintenance of the vehicle’s mechanics If the vehicle is not used properly, the vehicle’s mechanics suffer, and in traffic jams the clutch is most often damaged. Because the gear starts and stops every few feet, it’s common to have your foot continuously pressed on the clutch while first gear is engaged. This will damage the mechanism and shorten its service life. It is most advisable to only engage gear when starting and to remain in neutral with the brake applied when stationary. According to Javier Bosch, CEO of Cleverea, occasional traffic jams due to an accident are “unavoidable situations that must be endured and understood. We drivers must also contribute our grain of sand and do what is in our power to prevent the situation from getting worse.” In this sense, he explains that if we all drive empathetically and responsibly, many accidents will be prevented and traffic flow will improve. the annoying property of driving even the calmest of people mad.Between the haste, impotence and misanthropy caused by seeing other drivers make all the mistakes already mentioned, and even worse like riding on the shoulder, it is normal for someone to feel in the end feels desperate.But you have to keep calm, if a driver is nervous and frustrated, he is more likely to make serious mistakes and his concentration is fragmented.MORE INFORMATION news No Chinese cars: luxury dresses to deviate from the affordable price news No The BMW X1 gets a 100% electric version for the first time News No Volkswagen Areton Shooting Brake: elegant and practical Despite the discomfort, you should try to calm down, take a deep breath and accept the situation. A good podcast that is interesting, an audiobook or a list of favorite music can even turn the situation of being stuck in traffic into a pleasant moment of peace with yourself. The attitude that problems are faced with greatly influences the degree of suffering these problems cause.
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