And that he doesn’t like “Jane Eyre.”


I first saw Thalia as ‘María Mercedes’. At Galavision we discover Mexican soap operas. They called the bus station the bus station and the rooms or rooms, bedrooms. Thalía has released an album (whatever it is: it’s on Spotify) that pays homage to Spanish rock and pop. In ‘Thalía’s Mixtape’ she sings ‘Give me back my girl’ with David Summer. He says in an interview with Carlos Megía that “if you want them to accept you and give you likes, you screwed up”. Thought similar to Leticia Sabater’s when she said to Luz Sánchez-Mellado “no one knows the secret of success, but I tell you that the secret of failure is to make everyone like you”. I wish I had these women’s heads. The poet Luna Miguel has been reading in public (in public, in silence) for 48 hours. And he didn’t like “Jane Eyre.” ‘The death of the reader’, was the title of the performance. I would like to ask Thalia and Leticia their opinion on this.
Source: La Verdad

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