What about the new election rumor?


There are rumors of possible new elections in the spring. Strategically, there are a few points in favor. Somehow the coalition is over.

Nothing works anymore: after three and a half years, the “best of both worlds” has become a permanent standstill. You can fool us so often that you get along well: everyone sees that the sky is gone!

What’s left behind
Because you don’t want to begrudge the other person even more success, the major pieces of work remain undone. The promise of a new climate protection law? Is on the waiting bench! The abolition of official secrecy? The municipalities are responsible for the blocking! Efficient measures to curb record inflation? There’s no hurry! Instead, they prefer to align each other on how to define “normality”…

Photo visits and smoke grenades: it smells like new elections!
Accordingly, new elections would only make sense. Be that as it may, the parties have already started their election campaign machinery. A photo visit here, a smoke grenade subject there – it’s clear that our politicians just want to show themselves in the best light again. Also, the fact that turquoise and green have strengthened their campaign teams could be a sign that something is up. It smells like new elections!

Rumor: we were already able to vote in the spring…
At least that’s what is being claimed. The story has been doing the rounds for days that turquoise green might not last until next fall. To save costs for two election campaigns, the National Council elections could be moved just before the European elections. That would break the impasse and rehabilitate the frustration about it. That makes sense from a strategic point of view – the only question that remains is whether you dare…

Standstill or new elections: which costs more votes?
Because experience shows that the party that calls new elections is severely punished by the voters. There are probably heads smoking in the party headquarters right now, which costs more votes: continue for a year as before or new elections? The frustration is so great, I’m betting on the former.

Source: Krone


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