How to make cheap partisan politics with the war


Crisis team, Security Council, asylum for Prigozhin: it seems as if last Saturday’s chaos has left its mark not only in Russia, but also here in Austria. As if to say: Hello world, we are important too!

… It’s just not like that in this case. In reality, our little country can do nothing, absolutely nothing, in the course of the war because of its lack of importance. In many ways, our irrelevance is a good thing. In this case, we should be glad that no one is interested in us Austrians!

Which internal conflicts?
It is all the more amusing when politicians claim the opposite. When the chancellor reports that he does not want to allow “internal Russian conflicts to be fought on Austrian soil”, malice and confusion are justified. There was a lot to worry about in the Russian chaos – but the fact that the conflict was fought on “Austrian soil” was never a problem!

Profile grinding at an affordable price!
Russia expert Gerhard Mangott correctly analyzed that the chancellor was probably more interested in “scoring points at home” with the broadcast. Conflicts over foreign policy are ideally suited to make domestic politics. If you have an opponent in the distance, you can usually point your finger unhindered and thus show a clear advantage with simple means. This is profile elevation at a discounted price!

Working groups have never done any harm
But of course he is not the only one with trick 17 from the political magic box. Andreas Babler’s demand for a “National Security Council” to discuss “how Austria should respond” may have been justified in the course of last Saturday’s obscurity, but four days later it was completely outdated again. Yet we met yesterday. But as is known, a working group with prestigious photos that give a signal of “we are doing something” has never done any harm.

Let’s be glad Russia isn’t interested in us!
Nevertheless, if you want to be taken seriously in foreign policy as a country, you have to let it go. We are a small country that does not have much say in current world politics. Let’s be glad we don’t get to be actively involved in everything. Especially in this acceptable war!

Source: Krone


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