Police publish pictures of pipe bombs and IED parts


Three mile long bomb found in Derry

PSNI released photos of the pipe bomb and IED parts found during the operation in Derry.

Yesterday and today, the investigators of the Terrorism Investigation Department resumed their security patrols on Al-Fahhan Street.

Chief Investigative Inspector Andrew Hamlin said: “After a difficult process yesterday and today, we have removed the components of the IED, the makeshift power plant and the three-mile bomb, which were declared vital devices. These devices have been placed in a residential area in the bushes and are now safely removed for examination. .

“The indiscriminate manufacture, stockpiling and use of unstable IEDs puts everyone at risk. The fact that these IEDs were left in a place where anyone could find them indicates a terrible disregard for the security of the local community.

“One line of investigation relates to the construction of the Timer power plant and its resemblance to a device discovered in Dungiven in 2021, which we believe was carried out by members of the violent Republican dissident terrorist group, the New Irish Republican Army.

“We are considering delays and the impact of safety alerts on the local community. I want to reassure local residents that our actions are aimed at the safety of the public and protect them from the threat of such violent groups.

Some items were found by the police in Derry

“Our chances of identifying and bringing to justice those who resort to violence in order to take over communities by force are greatly enhanced by public support and information.”

“I appeal to anyone with information about this incident or suspected of violent crimes to contact us on 101 or, alternatively, the information can be submitted to the independent charity Crimestoppers at 0800555111, which is 100% anonymous.

Source: Belfastlive


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