Kick from the 10-meter tower: what happens at the “Fleck”.


The country is talking about the incredible incident in Steyr, where a lifeguard kicked a young man from the ten-meter tower. ‘Krone’ court chief Anja Richter, former top water jumper and four-time Olympic participant, knows from her own experience what can happen when a case goes wrong from this height. Read her experience report and the worst variations here.

Who doesn’t know the horror story about a man whose stomach burst open after he landed wrong after jumping from a ten-meter high tower. “The intestines then swam around in the pool”, I can still see my school friend’s face when he tried to convince me that this really happened…

Having seen thousands of my own jumps as a high diver and tens of thousands, I can happily rule out such a thing. However, I can report that a ‘stain’, as we water jumpers call a failed jump, can be quite painful.

Source: Krone


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