Heroic fight by Brussels against sugar bags


The world is changing due to wars, economic crises and energy shortages. And what does the EU do? Provides shampoo bottles in hotels.

It was a short message that caused a long period of great confusion. Under the title “EU Off for sugar bags in the café”, a message appeared about a planned change in packaging regulations by the EU Parliament, which is intended to contain or at least limit the waste mountain. Accordingly, paper sugar sachets should disappear in coffee houses, as well as mini portions for ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper and so on in restaurants. The sugar and salt shakers are about to make a legally mandated comeback. Plastic mini bottles for shower gel and shampoo should be banned in hotels, just like the classic, maliciously packaged miniature soap. At the same time, washable tableware should be used instead of packaging in the fast food sector, and plastic cups and plates are likely to be used there in the future.

Source: Krone


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