Insight into sexual preferences


According to an extensive sexuality study, lighting plays a crucial role during sex for one in ten people. While some prefer to turn off the lights, others find that seeing and being seen can actually increase desire.

An extensive sexuality study showed that one in ten lighting plays a role in sex. While some prefer to turn off the lights, others find that seeing and being seen increases desire.

Sexual fantasies

Manuela (51) has discovered that good sex not only comes from feeling, but that vision also plays an important role. Since she has a new partner, her sex life has become exciting again: they photograph and film themselves during sex and later use the images for masturbation. “Somehow I knew from my fantasies that I liked to be seen. I also always really liked amateur porn. But now I can live it out and it’s great,” says Manuela, happy with this development.

“Touching Eyes”
Unlike the highly polished porn industry, the images are raw and real. It is the authenticity of the desire that provides the extra kick. Knowing that you are being watched and looking back creates a sensual tension. It is not without reason that it is said that ‘looks can touch each other’. This show game increases sexual intimacy for those who love the spotlight. If you don’t feel like looking, the darkness can also sharpen your senses.

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