Insatiable desire: what it means


An insatiable desire for sex is not evidence of fullness, but of emptiness.

Today I want to go back a bit and present you with a fictional excerpt from a conversation with Markus. He is 35, has lost his job and his partner has left him because, as Markus quoted, he is ‘obsessed with sex’.

Do you think about sex a lot? ‘Always.’ How often do you please yourself? “Sometimes twelve times. Sometimes twenty times.” In which contexts? “When I’m stressed. When I’m downstairs. When I feel empty. When I’m tense. When I’m relaxed. In the shower. After showering. When I’m scared. When I want to improve my mood. When I think about a strange woman on the subway. When I slept with a woman.” When are you satisfied? “Never.”

Source: Krone


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