Pilot shares his advice for those who want to plan their planning across Northern Ireland


James Rogers has been flying for over 14 years

The NI-based pilot, who has used TikTok to share flight hijackings across the country, shared his top tips for those looking to learn more about air navigation.

After the plane went viral on Big Jet TV, which was trying to land at Heathrow during Storm Eunice, more and more people became fascinated with flying.

James Rogers, a pilot himself, Northern Ireland, has flown for over 14 years and has been fascinated by NI airspace since getting his personal license nine years ago.

James told Belfast Live that interest in flights and planes has grown along with social media in recent years.

James said: “I think everyone has a deep interest in aviation, it’s always been seen as an area of ​​knowledge that interests people – we all know that exciting feeling when we go on vacation by plane.

James Rogers flies with Kiernan Flight School in Co Armagh

“People have always been fascinated by the local air shows and the planes flying over them, and since I was a kid, when I could feel a plane flying overhead, I would always stop by to look for them and I’m sure everyone else is the same.

“The Airwaves Portrush and the Newcastle Flight Festival have always been very popular, showing people’s interest in aircraft.”

James reached out to Dave Ellison, who runs a Facebook page called “Airside NI,” which now has more than 4,700 members.

“Dave told me that one of the reasons for the increased interest was because of social media and also because of Covid-19, where people were having more time.

“Airside NI has grown over the past couple of years to be a hangout for aviation enthusiasts and I personally agree with that, with many aircraft enthusiasts posting on social media and everyone loves to share.

“You may have seen Francis Bourgeois in a Tiktok, one of the most famous train-goers – who knew that watching trains would be very popular! James explained this only when you look at the planes.

Commenting on the popularity of Big Jet TV in February, James added, “People love some drama these days, and the excitement and world of aviation can really set them apart.”

“I’ve definitely noticed a lot of interest in watching planes. I can go to Northern Ireland airport to watch planes and it’s often crowded.

“It is also for people of all ages. Parents also enjoy discovering aircraft bullets because they are perfect for kids for free.”

He also shared his favorite places to board a plane in Northern Ireland for anyone interested in exploring a new passion.

Outside Belfast International Airport

James continued: “Our largest and busiest airports are George Best Belfast and Belfast International. Belfast Airport has many great places to see planes.

“The most popular at IKEA – you can enjoy the wonderful views of the amphitheater while dining at the IKEA bar – even the top floor of the car park has a great view.

“The best place to see planes at Belfast International Airport is the old ocean road A26, which was closed in the 1990s. You can get there safely from Killead Road and you’ll get some great pictures of planes flying overhead.”

Dave Ellison of Airside NI also shared his tips for those looking to take up this hobby.

Dave said: “Do some research to be able to identify the current type and carriers in their area and their marking/color combinations.

“Always be respectful when/where you look and respect comments when posting on social media. Not everyone in the aircraft publishing world is an expert, and not everyone works in the industry. Just have fun!”

James added: “I think people should definitely download the Aircraft Surveillance app, including FlightRadar24 and Planefinder. This allows you to see when planes are landing and also to track flights in real time.

“For me, I would really recommend that people come see the planes in person or contact the local Facebook study team for any advice.

“There is a lot online, but the most important thing is to get out and have fun. The weather will be better by summer, and it will be fun to go out and watch the plane land on the ground.”

Source: Belfastlive


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