Can a beer drinker become president?


The fact that some critics think Marco Pogo would tarnish the reputation and dignity of politics with his “funny candidacy” cannot be free from cynicism. We’ve been through a lot worse in recent years. A candidate for the office of Federal President who is a doctor, who likes to drink beer and who wants to represent us is a fair alternative in comparison!

There is something dramatic about political adviser Nina Hoppe in the Standard attributing neo-politician Marco Pogo a ‘populism that endangers democracy’ and a lack of respect for office. Excuse me? The beer party boss should be responsible for the demise of seriousness in politics? If that’s not a bold statement!

Political apathy? Thanks to Strache & Co.!
Because actually it is more true that no Marco Pogo was needed for the disenchantment with politics in our country. The representatives of the so-called “established” parties have been responsible for this in recent years! They have already produced the cruel chat messages, the recurrent series of resignations or the drunken photos of corrupt politicians in raunchy underwear. You can’t brush off here at Pogo!

Beer Fountain vs Mandatory Vaccination Debate – Which Is More Absurd?
In fact, Pogo is a doctor, musician and has lived in his home district of Simmering since the elections in Vienna. He speaks unfazed and pleasantly without NLP training, even helped vaccinate as a doctor and knows how to draw attention to himself and his subjects. Yes, he calls for some absurdity like a beer fountain – but other political gestures like the yes-but-don’t-see-vaccination obligation can easily be tracked here too!

Marco Pogo is the embodiment of our democracy!
Moreover, our proud democracy lives on pluralism and freedom of expression. The great thing is: anyone who wants to be a politician can become one. It only takes enough people who share the same opinion and a corresponding number of votes in the ballot box. To describe Marco Pogo as “threatening democracy” is therefore extremely contradictory – his appointment is the epitome of our functioning democracy!

Dewormers vs phlegmatic vs punk rockers
It’s very simple: if someone believes in wormers more than vaccinations, he should vote for the FPÖ candidate. Those who prefer a phlegmatist with experience in the swearing in would do well to vote for the current Federal President, and even a far-right proletarian is up for election. There is something for everyone! So why not a beer-drinking punk rocker?

Source: Krone


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