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Each owns hooking up with whoever they want, and recording. That’s not a crime; yes it is to spread the images. And a big bitch for the victims

I don’t know how there are people who film them having sex. It is also a desire that those scenes are dirtier than if von Trier were to record them according to the manifesto ‘Vow of Chastity’. Wow, a very appropriate name for what concerns us. The fact is, he only let me film with good makeup, well-styled and photographed by Storaro. And yet I’m afraid that’s not the Comaneci del Pikolín.

Preferences aside, everyone owns who they want to contact and record. That’s not a crime; yes it is to spread the images. And hell for the victims, it sucks to have to go through that and be forced to give explanations to shut up and tweet. That there are people who still do not understand that there are different kinds of relationships and that everything goes between free and equal. That the difference between ‘necessary love’ and ‘conditional love’ was already told by Sartre and Beauvoir. That there are those who distinguish between loyalty and fidelity, and who consider it a greater betrayal for their partner to let go at a dinner party that makes them slimy from watching TV than to get involved with another person. The second would hurt me a lot more, but that’s my problem.

The truth is that, after seeing what has been seen, it is better to capture temporary relationships by letter than by video. “You are my destiny, my eternity, my life, my joy, the salt and light of the earth. I throw myself into your arms and there I remain for eternity. I am your wife, forever,” Simone de Beauvoir wrote to Claude Lanzmann, one of her lovers. It sounds a bit corny, okay, and also very little contingent, but that’s better than seeing yourself gymnastics. And that others see you because of a criminal.

Source: La Verdad


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