“The focus should be on the important things and promote energy efficiency”


The Minister of Economic and Business Development of Navarra explained in ‘Faktoria’ of Euskadi Irratia that the government of Navarra has been taking energy-saving measures for ten years. So it highlights that in these years they have reduced consumption by 16%, but they will go into it “deeper”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Mikel Irujo: “Fokua garrantzitsuak diren gauzetan jarri behar da, eta efizientzia energetikoa bultzatu”

In the midst of a debate about the problems facing the suspension of gas supply to Europe by Russia in the fall, the Navarrese Councilor for Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo, believes that the answer to sustaining the economy is to save energy, increase the contribution of renewables and promote self-consumption. This was stated in the Euskadi Irratia program ‘Faktoria’, in which he explained that the government of Navarre worked on it for a decade“but now we need to go deeper into it”.

In that sense, in line with emergency plan imposed by the Spanish government, Irujo stressed that it is not enough to turn off shop windows and lights in public buildings at night. industry and trade, by 42%, as well as transport, by 37%. For this reason, he emphasized the importance of “focus on what matters” to deal with the situation and promote energy efficiency.

“In this crisis, the competitiveness of companies“For example, the consultant explained that the government of Navarra is taking special measures together with the industry, such as the distribution of subsidies to support investments related to the energy transition and the adjustment of fiscal measures. And, he says, a company can increase its production. increase, even if it lowers its energy consumption, “it is possible, but there is a great general lack of knowledge”.

Irujo believes that the energy crisis will not be any time soon, ‘This crisis will not end’and so he has insisted that the transition should be made “yes or yes, and we’re going to do it”.

He explained, for example, that the Navarre government started this road ten years ago, “but now we will have to promote these measures even more”. As he recalled, for the past 10 years Navarra has… reduced energy consumption by 16%, “especially in the last 8 years”. Now it has announced that it will deepen the measures taken on this path, especially with the Next Generation European Monetary Funds.

Irujo recalled that the rise in energy prices has undermined industry and corporate profits, defending that unions should not adjust workers’ wages to the CPI, but find a “balance”. “Given the data, inflation is mainly due to the rise in the energy price, which is tightening the CPI. Moreover, as they say from Europe, we expect inflation to start to fall from August onwards, and based on that, we will have to see what to do, for example, he has defended the need to strike a balance in the wage debate between unions and employers: “Companies must maintain their investment capacity. But it is also true that wages should increase somewhat with inflation.”

dry summer

Irujo has emphasized that the fires and droughts of recent months have affected the primary sector. Production has decreased and in some sectors the harvest had to be brought forward. He stressed, however, that the water pipes they have in Navarra have in general made it possible to maintain the exploitation of the sector.

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Source: EITB


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