“Honored Person” – All nine heads of country stand behind VdB


Alexander Van der Bellen can count on the support of all nine provincial governors in Austria. Recently, the head of state of Carinthia Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) also expressed his sympathy for the incumbent on Wednesday. He values ​​VdB as an “honorable personality”. The country needs one “in these challenging times,” Kaiser stressed.

Explained in a 20 second video Peter Kaiser, who wants to support Van der Bellen. In the video published on TikTok and Twitter, showing him at Neuer Platz in Klagenfurt, Kaiser says: “I am on my way to City Hall to deliver my statement of support for Alexander Van der Bellen’s candidacy.”

Later that afternoon, he held the signed and certified form in front of the camera, in a photo posted to Twitter.

He values ​​Van der Bellen as an “honorable personality – that is what Austria needs in these challenging times,” said the Carinthian governor.

Ludwig: ‘VdB cuts a very good political figure’
The two remaining red provincial governors – Michael Ludwig (Vienna) and Hans Peter Doskozil (Burgenland) – has long ago officially declared in favor of Van der Bellen. “I really appreciate him. Even in difficult times he cuts a very, very good political figure,” said Ludwig.

Doskozil took a little longer with the support. At the beginning of the year, he finally pushed for his own red candidate for the Hofburg – as a “sign of a confident Social Democracy”. Weeks later, Doskozil was said to support the incumbent Federal President’s candidacy because he had shown stability in past crises.

Black country leaders also support incumbent officials
Like the SPÖ, the ÖVP also abstained from having its own candidate. There is no official election advice from the People’s Party for Van der Bellen. Recently, however, more and more ÖVP grandmasters in the countries had joined VdB. The Tyrolean governor made the start Gunther Dish and his Upper Austrian colleague Thomas Stelzer. Tyrol’s VP chairman and top state election candidate resigned on Wednesday Anton Mattlea open for re-election Van der Bellen. “I will choose the Tyrolean Alexander Van der Bellen,” said Mattle. And he will also support Van der Bellen in the election campaign “in consultation with the Tyroleans”.

Also the new Styrian governor Christopher Dexler already gave an election advice for the ex-Greens chief – just like his predecessor Herman Schutzenhofer – away. “I voted for Alexander Van der Bellen last time, and why should I be wrong?” Drexler said.

Mikl-Leitner: ‘Van der Bellen has proven himself’
Governor of Lower Austria emphasized in mid-July Johanna Mikl Leitnerthat she values ​​people who have proven themselves in their office. “And Alexander Van der Bellen has proven himself.” In recent weeks, she has heard from many people that they are happy that the 78-year-old is walking again. “And I can understand that,” said the ÖVP politician. However, there are no clear recommendations from her, as people are “mature enough” to be able to make decisions.

Also the governor of Salzburg Wilfried Haslauer announced on Thursday in the “Salzburger Nachrichten” to vote for VdB. Already at the beginning of the year, Governor of Vorarlberg Markus Wallner in the “Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung” that he would welcome the return of Van der Bellen.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) does not officially want to commit. He emphasized in May: “People are adults and can make their own decisions. The cooperation with the President of the Federal Republic of Germany has been very positive in recent years and we wish him all the best with his candidacy!”

Source: Krone


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