BP candidacy resolved – Marco Pogo has already collected 6000 signatures


It takes 6,000 signed and certified statements of support to run in the federal presidential election. The deadline for this is September 2. Beer party leader Dominik Wlazny aka Marco Pogo says he has already achieved this goal. This makes him the first candidate for the presidential election.

The beer party announced in a broadcast that the required number of signatures had already been collected on Thursday. It has only been ten days since she launched the “Signature” campaign to support Wlazny’s candidacy. The founder of the beer festival toured the state capitals for this.

“Overwhelmed and thankful”
“I am overwhelmed and grateful how many Austrians have taken the trouble to support me on my way to candidacy despite all the bureaucratic hurdles. This clearly shows that many people are of my opinion: something has to change in this country,” said Dominik Wlazny, according to the broadcast.

On Friday, he wants to submit the 6,000 statements personally and together with his election proposal to the federal electoral authority of the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna. He will then be the first – and youngest – candidate to run for the elections on 9 October.

Source: Krone


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