If Auba and Memphis leave, Ansu and Torres could win at center forward


To balance its financial ‘fair play’ and, if possible, strengthen its sides, the FC Barcelona can go from having a tight striker to a less manned striker, but even so, is still very versatile. The nearest exit Memphis Depayfree to Juveand the possible pierre aubameyangIf he Chelsea he puts money, he leaves the coach of azulgrana, Xavi Hernandez, less effective to develop their forwards, even without solutions. The main consequence is to open the tactical range and therefore their playing time on the court for the two attackers, Ansu Fati Y Fernando Torres.

It is true that after living last November in attacking uncertainty, Xavi was excited throughout the preseason with the idea of ​​doubling the positions of his squad, even with the attack more than doubled, there is still they are, even now, multiplied: in a line of three, Xavi can line up in far right a Ousmane Dembele either raphinhain leftmost in both, in addition to Ansu Fati, Fernando Torres, aubameyang Y Memphis and as a center forward Robert Lewandowski, Wow, ansu, Memphis Y towers. The claim to stimulate competition among so many strikers has its downside, which may be the long-term discontent of those who feel underutilized, a hidden threat. Xavi seems willing to take that risk to fuel the competition and

He may be the least happy if Auba leaves, a player who in half a season as a culé scored 13 goals. However, if due to the need of the club that allows him to improve his defense, in attack the versatility of the following will allow him to continue to line up an important attack. The movement of entries and exits indicates the opening of the tactical range for some attackers: Ansu Fati Y Fernando Torres will be the first candidates to earn more minutes at the position of center forwardthose who stop playing the Golden Boot Robert Lewandowski. Ansu and Torres will also retain their options to play on the far left, the profile that favors them. Especially with the ex of City of Manchester, not published until now this preseason due to an injury to his right foot, the departure from Auba and Memphis will return him to a leading role that is clearly threatened by the saturation of attackers. After paying Barça 55 million euros for him in the winter, the 22-year-old Spanish international intervened as a culé in the second half of last season in 26 games, scoring seven goals. Since his days at Valencia, he has always said that he considers himself a left winger, but Pep Guardiola He made him a City reference in several games. same as raphinha like Dembele they like to start from the right wing because it allows them to draw a diagonal to shoot. In the League debut against Rayo, they were both starters and ended up playing at times on the right and left flanks.

Abde stays

It will even remain to resolve the role of Ez Abde, the former winger of Hércules who, from the Barça subsidiary, helped the first team for most of last season. This summer there was a lot of talk about a move to a Primera which has yet to materialize. Don’t know if that idea might change if they leave in an instant aubameyang Y Memphis.

Source: La Verdad


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