The Finnish Prime Minister’s Party Controversial Video: “I Didn’t Take Drugs”


The opposition demands that he submit to a drug test. Sanna Marin defends her right to pleasure

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has defended herself against drug abuse allegations after the publication of a private video recorded at a house where she was having a party with a group of friends. “I haven’t taken drugs, so I have no problem taking a drug test,” the 36-year-old Social Democrat told the opposition, who asked for this kind of test after the footage of Marin dancing in a suggestive pose. viral. , hard to associate with the public image of a government leader, and in which one of those present refers to cocaine when he shouts: «Flour streak!».

“The videos are private, they are recorded in private places,” explained the prime minister, who knew she was being recorded at all times. “I spent a night with friends who drank alcohol but did not use drugs or witness other people’s drug use.”

Among the friends he celebrated with in a house before going out and going through at least two nightclubs were a Finnish influencer, a singer, a delegate from the same party and two television presenters. “I spend my free time just like other people my age. I hope that will be accepted,” Marin demanded in a statement to the Yle television network, “we live in a democracy.”

The video, whose source that published it on networks does not appear for the time being and whose leak was published by the newspaper ‘Iltalethi’, has tense Finnish politics at a delicate moment, in the midst of the process of joining NATO, a step which requires a particularly high degree of consensus.

After the images surfaced on social media, Mikko Karna, one of Marin’s coalition partners, tweeted that it would be “smart” for Marin to voluntarily submit to a drug test. Antti Lindtman, leader of Marin’s Social Democratic Party (SDP), for his part, has guaranteed in a press conference of his party that the prime minister has the support of his group. “I don’t see much problem with him dancing with friends at a private event,” he justified. As for a possible drug test, “it’s up to Marin to judge that,” Lindtman added.

Marin is the youngest person to ever serve as head of government in Finnish history. When he took office, in 2019, he was 34 years old. She has previously been criticized for parties held at her residence and in December 2021 it was revealed that Marin had been dancing all night in a nightclub despite contacting someone who had tested positive for Covid-19. According to a poll commissioned by the Finnish television channel MTV3 at the time, two-thirds of those polled believed that Marin’s partying was “a serious mistake”.

On this occasion, Marin acknowledges that “I drank alcohol, but I didn’t use drugs or anything other than alcohol” and emphasizes that “I have nothing to hide”. He defends his right to a private agenda in which they appear, for example when he attended a music festival a few weeks ago, where he posed in crotch-high jeans and a black leather jacket. She herself posted the photos on her Instagram account.

Although the Finnish people have shown no restraint in enjoying their government leader, the repetition of scenes like this in public gives the impression that Marin cares more about partying than governing, at a time when it is sorely needed with the confidence of the Finns in their government.

Source: La Verdad


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