Ombudsman “Krone” – just caught the train and was fined 135 euros


For a teacher from Lower Austria, buying a ticket on the way home from an excursion was no longer an option. However, the conductor did not understand this and wrote out a fine. The ombudswoman has taken up the case.

Anna N. (name has been changed) went on an excursion to Vienna with her students in December. According to the vocational school teacher, she bought a vending machine ticket on the train in the morning because there were no counters or vending machines at her station in Lower Austria. She wanted to buy the return ticket in the evening. On the way home, the group was in a hurry due to late public transportation to catch the 5:50 p.m. train.

Train conductor imposed punishment
Otherwise, Mrs. N. would not have been able to get her students home in time. There was no time to buy a ticket. On the train, she immediately looked for a ticket machine and met the conductor. He said there wasn’t. Mrs N explained her situation and asked if she could buy a ticket. This was rejected and the teacher was fined 135 euros.

Appeal was unsuccessful
A later objection and the comment that the Cityjet Express (CJX) was not listed as a slow train on the website did not help. It says online that you need to buy tickets for local transport before you start your journey. The error, which the ÖBB apparently only became aware of through the customer, was corrected without comment, Mrs. N. asked us for help.

The “two-thirds solution”
ÖBB was accommodating when asked, although everything was correct in terms of rates. After payment, Mrs N. will receive about two-thirds, ie 90 euros, back in the form of a voucher.

Perhaps it would be possible to show more sensitivity from the start to customers who are willing to pay and point out mistakes as well?

Source: Krone


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