Walked through Moscow with calf – arrest!


An American has been arrested for walking a calf in the middle of Moscow’s Red Square. She told police she wanted to show the animal around town.

American Alisa Dey told officers when she was arrested that she had bought the animal on an online classifieds platform and wanted to show him the center of the Russian capital, state news agency Tass reported on Wednesday.

Two weeks of arrest threatened
The 34-year-old was arrested on Tuesday and had to spend the night at a police station. You are accused of violating the right of assembly, for which a fine or even two weeks of arrest are threatened, it said.

“Bought so that the calf would not be eaten”
Further details were not initially known, such as what happened to the calf or why the woman is in Russia. Dey explained that she bought the calf online “so it wouldn’t get eaten”. Although the woman has an American passport, she describes herself on the Russian social network “VK” as “Chinese who has lived in Russia for a long time”.

The Moscow Times reported that Dey had attracted attention in other countries in the past. According to these records, pigs that she did not keep properly in apartments have already been taken from her twice – in London and in Warsaw. Photos of her are also circulating, showing her driving a bus with a black sheep. She argued that she saved the animals from slaughter.

Source: Krone


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