Krone Sonne – win 3×1 KroneMax PV system including installation


Krone Sonne – win 3×1 KroneMax PV system including installation

Do you want to enjoy the sun all year round? Then have a chance to win 1 of 3 KroneMax PV systems including installation with Krone Sonne! Because photovoltaic solar energy is number 1 when it comes to generating really clean, really ‘green’ electricity. And the best thing: the sun does not send invoices.

The expansion of solar energy in Austria is progressing at a record pace. Krone Sonne is also partly responsible for the record pace. The company had only recently achieved the next milestone in the young success story of the eco-offensive with the installation of the 2,000th PV system. Every PV system installed brings Austria a little closer to the goal of energy independence.

Participate and win!
With the well-thought-out packages KroneMax, KroneMarie and Krone MarieXL, Krone Sonne has the ideal solution for you. Storage, energy monitoring and maintenance included on request. Take part in the Krone Sonne competition now and win one of three photovoltaic systems!

Join us, with a bit of luck you will soon be generating green energy for your home. Just follow this link and you’ll go straight to the match! The deadline for participation is Sunday, September 24, 2023.

For organizational reasons, this competition is handled by Krone Sonne GmbH, Kasernenstraße 9, A-7000 Eisenstadt.

Source: Krone


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