Argentina, more ahead in the FIFA Ranking


The Argentina soccer team continues to lead the FIFA ranking in the month of September and increases its lead at the top, accumulating a total of 1851.41 points compared to France’s 1840.76.

Argentina added 7.68 points compared to the last classification, while France lost 2.78. Third, behind the two, is Brazil. In the case of ‘canarinha’, it increased from 1828.27 points to 1837.61, thus experiencing the biggest growth in the top-5 completed by England and Belgium.

There is also a change in the top ten positions, as Portugal is eighth ahead of Italy. Spain, for its part, was tenth, from 1703.45 to 1710.72. Furthermore, regarding the top twenty places, Morocco, thirteenth, surpassed Switzerland; Colombia to Uruguay, to place sixteenth; and Denmark finished in eighteenth place after surpassing Japan and Morocco.


1. Argentina: 1851.41
2. France: 1840.76
3. Brazil: 1837.61
4. England: 1794.34
5. Belgium: 1792.64
6. Croatia: 1747.83
7. Netherlands: 1743.15
8. Portugal: 1728.58
9. Italy: 1727.37
10. Spain: 1710.72

Source: La Verdad


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