“The tourist tax is not the solution, we have to think about what kind of city we want in the future”


The coordinator of Podemos Euskadi asks to debate how to make tourism compatible all year round, to make a planning in which “what type of city we want in the future” is very present.

Pilar Garrido, coordinator of Podemos Euskadi and deputy for Gipuzkoa in Congress, believes, regarding Eneko Goia’s proposal to introduce a tourist tax in San Sebastián, that we “think about what kind of city we are in want the future”, above the rate.

In an interview on Radio Euskadi’s ‘Bulevard’ program, Garrido indicated that “one of the debates to be had is how to make this activity compatible all year round. We have chosen that rate, but it is not the any way, city planning has to be very present in whatever kind of city we want”.

“Tourism is economy, wealth, but we have to remember that we don’t need more hotels and beds, if not protected housing, and more entertainment for young people,” he added.

Regarding the sexist aggression registered in the capital of Gipuzkoa during Big Week, the coordinator of Podemos Euskadi has said that “measures are lacking, all effort is small so that we can all enjoy, without sexist violence or punctures, it is a pending task”.

On the other hand, Pilar Garrido explained that they are now in a moment of “rethinking the space of Podemos, by listening, we are in the process, to see how we expand our space, when the elections come, will we see the formula, now it is not the concern.”

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Source: EITB


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