Candidate record – BP election: Staudinger also has enough signatures


The ballot paper for the presidential election this year will be longer than ever. Because the Waldviertel shoe manufacturer Heinrich Staudinger also has the necessary 6000 statements of support for the candidacy. This means that there are (as far as is known) six candidates for the re-election of Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. A total of seven candidates – this time they are all men – have never stood for election.

As an APA spokeswoman reported, Staudinger received “significantly more than 6,000 statements of support.” The team is still counting, the exact number will not be known until just before it is presented to the electoral authority. The 69-year-old ‘shoe rebel’ wants to focus his election campaign on poverty and nature – and make a loud voice heard as a ‘political conscience’.

Staudinger: Public conflict with financial market regulator
Staudinger has thanks to his reputation – that the founder of the “Waldviertler Schuh” company GEA with his public conflict with the financial market regulator over crowdfunding financing.

Deadline for submissions is Friday
Staudinger will submit his statements of support to the federal electoral authority Friday — at 2 p.m., just before the deadline for submitting his statements of support. If you want to be on the ballot on 9 October, you must submit your election proposal (supported by 6,000 signatures) and a contribution of 3,600 euros no later than 5 p.m. Friday. The presidential election proposal is still pending. Admittedly, it is very likely that Van der Bellen will find enough supporters for his re-election; how many there are will be announced on Friday (at the time of handing in).

The candidacy has already been submitted by Beer Party founder Dominik Wlazny (just over 6,000 signatures), former FPÖ and BZÖ politician and current blogger Gerald Grosz (over 9,000), FPÖ-nominated Ombudsman Walter Rosenkranz (18,500 ) and MFG-Boss Michael Brunner (about 15,000). Lawyer and Tassilo Wallentin (he last reported 18,000 signatures) had an appointment with the electoral authority on Thursday.

Number of signatures not relevant
The number of statements of support is based on information provided by the candidates themselves and is never officially confirmed. Because the federal electoral authority doesn’t count the signatures in full. It only checks whether the 6,000 required by the federal presidential election law have been reached. Because since 1998 the number of signatures is no longer relevant. Because now the candidates are listed alphabetically on the ballot. Unsurprisingly, if an election proposal is added, this year’s ranking is: Brunner, Grosz, Rosenkranz, Staudinger, Van der Bellen, Wallentin, Wlazny.

In any case, the candidate record has been set. So far these have been six candidates – who attended Van der Bellen’s first free program in 2016 and the first popular election in 1951. Contrary to what is emerging this year, there was also a woman in the Hofburgrace, in 2016 the former OGH chairman Irmgard Griss and in 1951 the women’s rights activist Ludovica Hainisch.

Source: Krone


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