TV Duel Refusal – FPÖ Etches: “Van der Bellen in Parallel Universe”


The FPÖ continues to focus on Alexander Van der Bellen. The reason is again the refusal of the incumbent Federal President to discuss his competitors in the battle for the Hofburg on TV. “Meanwhile, he is completely disconnected from reality and more and more floating in a parallel universe,” criticized FPÖ media spokesman Christian Hafenecker.

According to Hafenecker, FPÖ presidential candidate Walter Rosenkranz invited the incumbent federal president a few days ago to an “objective and moderated TV discussion”.

When asked about it on Friday, Van der Bellen again confirmed that he was not interested in it. The incumbent is quoted as saying that he does not want to participate in a “spectacle”.

“This attitude is not worthy of a Federal President”
Hafenecker is disgusted: “This attitude is not worthy of a Federal President. He would rather flee to mountain peaks than answer people’s questions.” He adds: “TV debates are not a ‘political show’ nor a ‘spectacle’, but an important opportunity for voters to get a sense of the candidates.”

BP election: Van der Bellen with 25,000 statements of support
Meanwhile, on Friday — the last possible day — Van der Bellen submitted some 25,000 statements of support for his re-election in the October 9 presidential election, more than any other candidate. Only 6,000 were needed and had to be submitted to the election authorities by Friday afternoon. Van der Bellen is the most promising Hofburg aspirant. His goal was to achieve an absolute majority in the first ballot.

Seven candidates drove around the Hofburg
According to their own statements, a further six candidates have made it through the hurdle and the ballot paper with seven candidates should be longer than ever. Most recently, the Waldviertel shoe manufacturer Heinrich Staudinger reported that he had enough signatures – more than 9,000.

The candidacy has already been submitted by Beer Party founder Dominik Wlazny (just over 6,000 signatures), former FPÖ and BZÖ politician and current blogger Gerald Grosz (over 9,000), FPÖ nominated ombudsman Walter Rosenkranz (18,500), MFG -Boss Michael Brunner (about 15,000) and the attorney Tassilo Wallentin 18,000 signatures.

Source: Krone


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