Smashed glass – Green club chairman attacked by corona deniers


Bang in the middle of the heated discussion about personal protection for politicians: Green club president Sigrid Maurer was attacked by a corona opponent in the center of Vienna on Thursday evening, “Krone” information reports! She was unguarded…

The alleged perpetrator first verbally attacked her against the background of his resistance to corona measures and then hit her in the face with a glass, said Maurer’s spokesperson. The club president was not injured. The police were immediately on the scene and were able to track down the attacker.

No personal protection
Maurer has filed a complaint on suspicion of bodily harm, the investigation is still ongoing. Despite threats, there was no personal protection for the politician at the time of the physical attack. Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) condemned the attack shortly after it became known: “Violence should never be a means of political debate.”

fuss about guarding cobra
As reported, a heated argument about the Cobra guard for threatened politicians broke out after an elite police officer (he had a blood alcohol level of 1.2 per thousand) had an alcohol accident with the official car in front of the Chancellor’s apartment.

The SPÖ also launched a parliamentary inquiry into a multi-page letter over anonymous allegations, including explosive private data about Karl Nehammer’s two children.

Source: Krone


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