“Quickly change the law” – climate bonus for asylum seekers: ÖVP criticizes the Greens


The ÖVP wants to change the law on the climate bonus as soon as possible, so that asylum seekers no longer receive the benefit. Secretary-General Laura Sachslehner said on Thursday. The fact that the bonus also goes to asylum seekers could be an extra “pull factor”. Those asylum seekers who live in a private home must also be eligible for the benefit. Sachslehner also sharply criticized the coalition partner.

Sachslehner did not explicitly want to call the fact that the ÖVP agreed to a scheme that also includes asylum seekers. But it must also be possible to question matters critically in politics, and that is what she does. In any case, future measures should solve this question differently.

Sachslehner: “The Greens have no awareness”
The secretary general was quite aggressive towards the coalition partner. She sees the problem that the Greens are not aware of the challenges to be overcome. Sachslehner insisted that the points agreed in the asylum chapter of the government program now be implemented as soon as possible.

“Create pressure at EU level”
She promoted the establishment of centers outside the EU where applications should be submitted rather than in the European countries themselves. However, she did not dispute that the members of the government of the ÖVP are responsible for the necessary European unification. A uniform approach is important to create pressure at EU level. But there is no willingness on the part of the Greens to tackle this issue.

ÖVP-Greens: coalition-free space in migration policy
The coalition agreement with the Greens also allows you to take decisions on migration policy together with other parties. Whether a joint action with the FPÖ could actually be achieved, Sachslehner referred to the field of “coffee mess reading”. There is currently nothing planned in this direction, but there is a reason for this passage in the government program. Overall, though, you have a very well-functioning coalition with the Greens.

Of course, Sachslehner finds the asylum situation tense. The 42,000 asylum seekers in the first half of the year should be a warning. Anyone crossing the border brings Austria closer to the 2015 scenario, when it was mostly young men from the Arab world who were “overrun”.

Source: Krone


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