“Party disrespectful” – just before the elections in Tyrol: FPÖ district chairman resigns


A bang about two weeks before the Tyrolean state elections: Johann Grüner, FPÖ district party chairman from Imst, announced his resignation from all positions and his departure from the party on Thursday. The background should be arguing because of making the list. The state party had “disrespectfully, even downright inhumane and filthy, not only ignored but deliberately destroyed the carefully built structure – also built by me – in the Imst district”, Grüner mercilessly dealt with the PVV.

The recent changes in the FPÖ, especially in the Tyrolean Freedom Party, have meant that he can no longer see the party as a “political home”, Grüner told the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”. He has been a member of the FPÖ since 2015 and since 2018 – with a short break – district party leader in Imst.

State party reacts calmly to resignation
The state party was relaxed and pointed out that the list had been drawn up with Grüner’s approval. This has consequences for both the list creation in the district of Imst and that in the state administration. Moreover, the decisions were taken unanimously. “We thank him for his efforts and wish him all the best for his future,” said the Tyrolean FPÖ.

Also in East Tyrol. the chairman of the district party FPÖ resigned
Recently, there would have been discontent in the Oberland over Gudrun Kofler, who was seventh on the state list. A few weeks ago, the South Tyrol resident came under fire for controversial social media posts. Her political opponents accused her of racism. In East Tyrol it was apparently also guesswork: there too the blue district faction leader Josef Oblasser had resigned. The state party spoke of “purely personal reasons”. Besides, the layoff was long overdue.

According to polls, the Tyrolean FPÖ is currently doing well. She will officially kick off her election campaign on Saturday with a major event at the Congress of Innsbruck, where federal party chairman Herbert Kickl and presidential candidate Walter Rosenkranz will promote Tyrolean FPÖ chairman and “provincial governor candidate” Markus Abwerzger.

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