“Not elected” – Queen’s mourning flags spark anger in Lower Austria


Next Monday, the day of the Queen’s funeral, flags will be flown at half-mast across Austria. There should be similar rules across the EU. This is a source of irritation in many places: why so much honor for a deceased monarch who was never elected? Besides, in noisy democratic countries?

The Federal Chancellery issued a clear instruction on federal buildings for the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: “mourning flags” were ordered, meaning flags in state colors must be flown at half-mast on federal buildings on September 19, the EU flag must be raised in full lowered. The state governors have been asked in a letter for similar regulations for state real estate, as already reported.

“Completely incomprehensible”
Precisely this decree on mourning flags was met with incomprehension from representatives of the SPÖ community in Lower Austria. “With all due respect to the late Queen of England. But it is completely incomprehensible to me that a mourning flag is ordered here for a head of state who is not democratically legitimized, and also for a country that is no longer a member of the European Union,” he criticized. the Lower Austrian RREC president Rupert Dworak in a broadcast on Tuesday.

Absurd spectacle?
Some users also expressed their incomprehension on Twitter. Alexander Ackerl of the “Young Generation”, a support group for the SPÖ, called it an “absurd spectacle” about a “foreign monarch”.

GVV Austria chairman Andreas Kollross was also upset. “Austria is a democratic republic. And personally I also reject any monarchist tendency,” emphasized the mayor of Trumau (Baden district) and SPÖ member of the National Council.

Source: Krone


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