RDT’s ‘rajada’ in his parakeet farewell!


RDT’s ‘rajada’ in his parakeet farewell!

Raúl de Tomás launched a double and very poor statement in his Spanish farewell where hit hard in sports managers of the club, whom he accuses of having ‘cornered‘e’underrated‘.

In managers He reproaches them for using their situation as ‘smoke screen’ to cover up an ‘unfortunate’ management and ensure that they all launch a ‘disproportionate campaign of personal attacks’ in his ‘effort to expel me’ from the team.

‘Incompetence’ and ‘populism’

On his own instagram account, RDT responded to the tweet posted by Espanyol minutes after his move to Rayo became official. In said message, the club posted an image of the shield, its fans and the following motto: “Above everything and everything.”

In his response, the player qualified as ‘inefficient‘ to those who ‘lead this great club in offices’ and qualify as ‘populist‘ the publication of said message, while not hesitating to say that in his Spanish career “he has make history at this club. My numbers and my statistics speak for themselves.”

The farewell statement

This is full content of the statement RDT posted on his instagram account:

“The events in which I have been involved in recent weeks force me – much to my regret – to make public the following statement. I, by nature, am in favor of the decision and I try to be as inconspicuous as possible because I only consider myself more of a football player and I believe that the only interest I really pursue is what I do on the field. However, I have to say:

1. Most important of all: I want to do my thing thank you and my respect towards RCD Espanyol in most of its ranks, from the club’s workers, to the teammates and above all, to the fans who have always given me enough signs of love and solidarity that I will never forget. I will always remain indebted to each and every one of them. During the two and a half seasons in which I wore, with the greatest pride, the Espanyol shirt, I tried to dedicate all my strength and all my will to give myself body and soul to this team, regardless of the category or the situation on the table. The result of my hard work is there and it would be pretentious of me to go around reminding it: it has enough consequences for me for the good of the club and the satisfaction of its fans. As for those they took advantage of my silence to further their personal interests in a way meaning Y cowardit is also used as smoke screen to cover an unfortunate management management, They need to answer for their actions without hiding behind my back. The same as they should be the one to explain the reason for the effort for kicking me off a team which I considered my own home, building a disproportionate campaign of personal attacks I don’t want anyone to suffer.

2. I have the appreciation they deserve Diego Catoira Mosquera and Diego Martínez Penas, current sports director and coach respectively of RCD Espanyol; their professional merits and their history precede them and vindicate them, I think. They will have their reasons cornered and belittled myself, although I will not ask them in public. It is very clear to me that discipline, honesty and obedience are core values ​​for any athlete, that is how they were instilled in me from a very young age and I will not betray them now. Therefore, I accept without criticism the determination of the two technicians that I did not rely on. Along the same lines, I think they will understand that I tried to find a noble exit that will allow me to continue my deepest illusion, playing and giving the best of myself in this sport. An illusion I put on more than financial compensation or any other kind of advantage: in sight it is”.

The response to Espanyol’s tweet

And this, he wrote with the image of fans, in reply to the club’s tweet:

“give me sorry to see goodbye What would you give a player who made history at this club in two and a half years? My numbers and statistics speak for themselves. But I feel more sorry for anyone who has to post this message to aggrandize themselves at my expense. we all know that populism always wins; This is the easy attack. But all I see in this message is cowardice, lack of ethics and moderation, lacking hide the bad management of the incompetent people who lead this great club in the offices. Values ​​and elegance define me. I will have them to say goodbye to you: I love you fans. I love you Spanish. Forever grateful.”

Source: La Verdad


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