VOX intervention in the plenary session on the situation created by the war in Ukraine


Amaia Martínez has supported her intervention in the harsh criticism of the Basque government’s “incomprehensible remnant of multimillionaires” in a pandemic. He championed the abolition of the special tax on electricity and the reduction of taxes on hydrocarbons and corporations.

The spokeswoman for vox in the Basque Parliament, Amaya Martinezbegan his speech in today’s monographic plenary session in the Basque Chamber, expressing his “most sincere support” to the Ukrainian people in “this unjust war”, continuing to point out that the solutions to the problems and the necessary decisions to cope with the new socio-economic and energy context, it is necessary to look outside this region, even outside Spain, “because we remain determined to manage everything as if the Basque Country were the center of the world”.

Martínez based his speech on the “surprising” savings of the Basque government in times of pandemic, “a absolutely incomprehensible billionaire relic in the current context”.

He has denounced that “after 24 grueling months of the pandemic, almost all types of companies condemned to bankruptcy, unemployment, poverty and general hardship have discovered that the government of Urkullu has a balance of 1,800 million euros” . According to Martínez, “the spike is greater than the amount of aid this executive has allocated to get the Basque hotel industry out of the hole during the pandemic.”

He went on to list his party’s proposals to deal with the current crisis, starting with “the sectors and people affected by the surge in energy prices who have access to almost instant funds which they can solve the problems they face and that can lead them to ruin”. Agriculture, of the fishing and from transport, “without forgetting the people who, in a caring and altruistic way, welcome people arriving from Ukraine to their homes”.

Vox in turn proposes freeze taxes directly and indirectly “which aggravate the activity of these sectors” and defends a ” Special attention for self-employed and blue-collar workers in ERTE“, as well as the abolition of the special tax on electricity.

It has also underlined the need to eliminate excessive spending on positions of trust“an expensive and completely replaceable expense”, as well as the lifetime expenditure in the “maintenance of those who had high positions and are no more”.

At the end of his speech, Martínez denounced the behavior of “those who teach us lessons in democracy, in a readiness for dialogue and agreement, with respect for ideas and equal treatment, when they do the opposite every day when the one who proposes and poses is VOX”.

Source: EITB


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