Causa “Wien Energie” – Michael Ludwig: “Quick decision was required”


The Vienna City Council meeting on Wednesday was dedicated to “Wien Energie”. Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) explained: “A quick decision was needed.”

In the first of four meetings this week in Vienna City Hall, the “Wien Energie” case and the release of 1.4 billion euros by the emergency authority by Mayor Michael Ludwig were on the agenda. While the ÖVP, FPÖ and Greens believe that only the city council or city senate could have released the money, Mayor Ludwig defended his actions.

The company was presented to him on July 15 and he had to make a quick decision, says the mayor. Because, for example, the maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline was expected to create great uncertainty in the energy markets. “A decision had to be made as soon as possible,” says Ludwig.

opposition with further questions
However, the opposition did not want to accept this explanation. The Groenen club boss David Ellensohn: “Ludwig awarded 700 million euros at the push of a button. Nobody understands that this is possible.”

Vienna’s ÖVP boss Karl Mahrer suspected that the “SPÖ system” was beginning to crumble with the cause. FPÖ party leader Dominik Nepp is convinced: “Mayor Ludwig has not adhered to the city constitution here.”

Source: Krone


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