“Krone” Elephant Round – Candidate Appearance: Frightening to Likeable


Plain text was promised in advance, a few days before the Tyrolean state elections, plain text was also delivered: the top candidates discussed the hottest topics quite aggressively in the “Krone” studio on Wednesday. How did the party leaders present themselves? The Tyrolean political and communication expert Peter Plaikner in the interview “Krone”.

„krone“: Mr. Plaikner, what was your impression of the “Krone” elephant round?
Peter Plaikner: It was much more lively and communicative – also between the candidates – than the previous TV discussions. There was more interaction – and hacking too. About the format itself: I found it very exciting that the candidates could ask each other questions. Because that reveals a lot – both about the questioner and about the answerer. It tells me what character I can take behind the politicians and that was the most revealing for me.

How did each candidate fare?
Anton Mattle was a big disappointment to those who saw him for the first time. For everyone else, the bad impression is probably amplified. You notice: TV formats are not his. He seemed stereotypical and – frighteningly – outwardly like the representative of a small party. You had to ask yourself: does he look like a governor? Georg Dornauer was a statesman, he presented the “transformed Schorsch”, who learned from his blunders. Gebi Mair was the contrast: in a T-shirt under his jacket he behaved like an opposition politician. He tried to cover up that as a club boss he was almost an extended arm of the state government.

But the others kept reminding him.
That’s right, of course.

What do you think of Markus Abwerzger? He raised a possible speculation from Tiwag/Tigas. He also reported that the farmer’s newspaper was promoting Josef Geisler despite its ban on accepting donations. How much pain is or has Mattle done to Abwerzger?
Not special. Party funding is an elite issue that is overrated, people don’t think about it that way. As for the Tiwag/Tigas: the subject has been discussed so extensively that people can no longer keep up. It is also a very complicated subject. Mattle is determined on energy, but he overestimates the capacity of citizens. Who even knows what a terawatt hour is?

To Abwerzger: He was the most aggressive, as was to be expected. Also feels like the one with the longest talk time. With this appearance, however, he did not meet the unreal, but placarded demands of the governor. He didn’t seem integrative and constructive enough for that.

What impression did Andrea Haselwanter-Schneider and Dominik Oberhofer make on you?
Haselwanter-Schneider scores with sympathy, and not just because she’s the only woman around. She comes across as authentic and convinces with normality, although she certainly wouldn’t get first place for rhetoric, but she’s just likeable.

I am ambivalent about Dominik Oberhofer. On the one hand, he made a remarkable appearance for the representative of a small company, like a fish in water, you can see: he likes it. On the other hand, I always wonder: how much is he identified with the Neos? Compared to Matthias Strolz and Beate Meinl-Reisinger, he looks completely different. He is trying to be an offer for ÖVP voters from the tourism sector, which got noticed when it came to the electricity bill.

Shortly before the elections, all parties are in favor of windmills and all for a transparent party fund. Surprised?
Yes. But that is typical of the elections and also of the data from surveys that everyone has: The population thinks pragmatically when it comes to wind turbines. In the beginning, little thought was given to wind turbines: are cableways more beautiful than wind turbines? No, they are just as ugly. The glass party cash register really surprised me. But the fact that everyone is in a TV discussion for it could also be because you don’t really believe it’s being implemented in the state parliament. Who likes to be looked at in his books? It could also be lip service or table service.

Source: Krone


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