Second extrapolation – Tyrol: ÖVP drops to 34.4%, FPÖ & SPÖ head to head


The long-awaited state elections in Tyrol are over. The results according to the extrapolation from 6.30 pm: the state governor’s party ÖVP is well above 30 percent – defending the first place despite heavy losses. The SPÖ only rises minimally to just below 20 percent and loses – from now on – the second place to the FPÖ. The Freedomists are increasing, but also staying below 20 percent. All current developments can be found in the KroneTV livestream above.

The most recent extrapolation of the Tyrolean state elections in detail (range of variation +/- 1.5%):

  • According to the second extrapolation by SORA/ORF People’s Party to 34.4 percent. In 2018, the party achieved 44.26 percent.
  • The FPÖ and SPÖ compete for second place – according to SORA they lay FPÖ to 18.9 percent (2018: 15.53 percent).
  • Die SPÖ leads to a slight increase of 18.5 percent (2018: 17.25 percent).
  • Die List Fritz rises to 9.9 percent (2018: 5.46) and overtakes the Greens.
  • Die rookies According to this extrapolation (5:05 p.m., count 40.4 percent) it comes to 8.9 percent – a minus compared to 2018 (10.67 percent). The ruling parties ÖVP and the Greens lose their majority.
  • Die NEOS could rise slightly to 6.2 percent. In 2018, the Pinken achieved 5.21 percent when they first entered the state parliament.
  • They failed at the five percent threshold MFG by 2.7 percent. Top candidate Elfriede Hörtnagl-Zofall said on Sunday morning that moving to the state parliament is out of the question for her.

Election Day Photos:

Preliminary end result expected around 7 p.m.
The provisional final result is expected at 7 p.m. It contains all the postal and other absentee ballots. A record number of voting cards had been reported in advance. A total of 71,945 such absentee ballots were issued. That is more than twice as many as compared to the 2018 state elections, when there were 32,980 voting cards.

Mattle wants to stay
Tyrol’s ÖVP chairman and top candidate Anton Mattle wants to remain despite almost ten percentage points minus and for the time being only 34.5 percent and form a state government. They started a “race to overtake” and this eventually worked, Mattle said. He will not ask the question of confidence to the party board of the ÖVP on Monday.

The state party started the election campaign with 29 percent, Mattle said. It was possible to get voters back, albeit: “We lost, we are aware of that”. But we will do everything we can to regain this trust.

Source: Krone


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