No confidence vote – Mattle wants to stay, excludes Black-Blue


ÖVP top candidate Anton Mattle was satisfied with – according to forecasts – 34.5 percent for the ÖVP, but admitted to having shortcomings. He will hold talks with all state parliamentary parties, just not with the FPÖ. He won’t ask for a confidence vote.

“Every third Tyrolean or every third Tyrolean gave the ÖVP the vote”, summed up ÖVP top candidate Anton Mattle shortly after the first extrapolation – which is not entirely correct, after all, not all Tyroleans went to the polls. Shortly after the first extrapolation, Mattle was satisfied with his party’s 34.5 percent. The catch-up race worked, according to the state party chairman. “Nevertheless, I am aware that the PP has lost,” he said, referring to about 10 percentage points that blacks lost.

“We will do everything we can to regain the confidence of these voters.” Despite the historic crash, he will not ask the party leadership for confidence, Mattle said – he will stay.

Mattle claims leadership, announces talks
The ÖVP’s claim to leadership is clear to Mattle. He repeated what he had already announced during the election campaign: “I will speak with all parties represented in the state parliament, just not with the PVV.” He would also have confidence in a three-party coalition, according to the ÖVP top candidate.

Mattle was named his successor after Governor Günther Platter announced his resignation in June. He thought the cooperation with the previous head of government was very good, “I was able to put all my energy into my tour through Tyrol”. But Platter also found time to get in touch with the population.

Source: Krone


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