Two demonstrations in Bilbao and San Sebastián denounce that 13/13 verdict “impedes peace”


Several thousand people have protested the verdict of the National Court in summary 13/13, which sentenced lawyer Arantza Zulueta to 7 years in prison and three other lawyers to between 3 and 4 years in prison.

Several thousand people have mobilized in Bilbao and San Sebastián against the judgment of the National High Court in summary 13/13 They have denounced that that sentence presupposes that a “obstacle” to the “democratic resolution in Euskal Herria”as well as for “peace and coexistence”.

On March 31, the National Supreme Court sentenced lawyer Arantza Zulueta to: 7 and a half years in prisonand three other lawyers to between 3 and 4 years in prison to “form the legal front of ETA, halbokawhose main purpose was to control the prisoners”.

For this reason, the so-called Platform 13/13 in support of the accused was mobilized this Saturday through the streets of Bilbao and San Sebastián, where several thousand people have denounced that the verdicts “impede the democratic solution”.

Likewise, the conveners have noted that the decision of the National High Court presupposes that a “injustice” after a process “full of irregularities and violations of rights” which is “outdated and in the opposite direction of building democratic coexistence”.

The demonstration in Bilbao, which started at 5.30 pm from the Sacred Heart behind a banner with the slogan 13/13 Zigorrik Ez (no punishment), lawyer Arantza Zulueta, along with representatives of the platform. Likewise, it was possible to see the parliamentarian of EH Bildu Julen Arzuaga.

Speaking to the media, spokeswoman for the organizing platform for the march, Ana Pérez, criticized the ruling of the National Supreme Court, which, in her opinion, “condemns cases that have already been tried” and not only punishes the accused, but “the whole society”.

“The Basque society decided years ago to choose a path of coexistence, peace and resolution of open conflicts, but the National Court and many institutions have raised obstacles,” he failed.

In addition, he expressed his solidarity with the convicts and recalled that of the eight initially tried, four “have been sentenced to prison terms”, although the sentence “will be appealed”, so there is still a “long process”

Finally, he warned that, “no matter how many obstacles” are placed, “the effort to… build a Euskal Herria in peace and coexistence

Source: EITB


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