Causa Murgg – City boss of Graz distances himself from KPÖ colleague


Each Kahr had a personal conversation with Werner Murgg: “His words are unacceptable and totally inappropriate!”

He against the rest of his colleagues in the state parliament – that is the current state of affairs in the Murgg case. On Wednesday, the club leaders of the Greens and NEOS, Sandra Krautwaschl and Niko Swatek, pushed through – there would be a joint urgent request in the state parliament: “The MP has long since become unacceptable, so we call on the KPÖ to exclude Werner Murgg from their state parliament club.” The fact that ÖVP Governor Christopher Drexler found clear words in Wednesday’s “Steirerkrone” and even spoke of a “shame for Styria” did the rest for the joint political initiative.

“Words are not portable”
The superfluous words of the veteran communists in Leobner and his persistent refusal to give up the field are causing increasing difficulties for his party. The club of the state parliament says it has already taken a sufficient stand against the war in Ukraine.

The mayor of Graz, Elke Kahr, first commented on the tiresome topic in an interview with “Krone”: “The words Werner Murgg chose here are unacceptable and completely inappropriate in light of Putin’s war of aggression. They do not reflect my attitude, I told him that in a personal conversation. Ultimately it is about ending the war.”

Source: Krone


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