Sare has no doubts about PNV’s “commitment” to end “exceptional” prison laws


Sare is holding a demonstration in San Sebastian this Saturday under the slogan ‘Etxera bidea gertu’ in which thousands of people participate. Its spokesman, Joseba Azkarraga, appreciates the PNV’s “decision to state that it is adopting the demands that thousands of people are concentrating today.”

Thousands of people take part this Saturday in San Sebastian in a demonstration organized by the Sare platform under the slogan ‘Etxera bidea gertu’, for the rights of ETA prisoners, also ending the dynamic ‘Izan bidea’.

Sare’s spokesman, Joseba Azkarraga, stated that the citizens’ network has no doubts about the PNV’s “commitment” to “continue to work to end, with them, they say, the exceptional legislation.”

Sare demonstration. Photo of Sare shared on Twitter.

In this regard, the PNV has announced that it will not participate in the Sare march, although it has stated that it endorses their demands and has demanded the repeal of “exceptional prison laws that have violated the rights of inmates for years, and are still hurting. “

In statements to the media ahead of the march, Sare’s spokesman Joseba Azkarraga appreciated the jeltzale statement and “the PNV’s decision to state that it assumes the demands that thousands of people are concentrating today”.

“We had no doubts that this is the position of the PNV or its commitment to continue to work to put an end to, as they say, the exceptional legislation,” he added.

As for the decision not to send a delegation to the demonstration, Azkarraga has maintained that it is an issue that “is within the strategy of the political parties” and which Sare “deeply” respects.

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Source: EITB


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