Sare demonstration this afternoon in San Sebastián against the withdrawal of the third degree of Atristain


The National Court has revoked the third degree granted by the Basque government to ETA prisoner Xabier Atristain, who was re-admitted to Martutene prison this Friday,

Sare staged a demonstration this Saturday starting at 7 p.m. from San Sebastian Boulevard to protest the third-degree withdrawal ordered by the National High Court for ETA inmate Xabier Atristain.

The platform for the rights of Basque prisoners believes that this is another “obstacle” in the process of “returning home” for these prisoners, and that is why they have decided to organize the protest.

The Permanent Social Forum believes the announcement of Atristain’s lower rank and his jail term “is bad news for democratic society in general and for those of us who work for it in particular.”

In a statement, he called the decision “incomprehensible”. Along these lines, he denounces that “both the lobbies entrenched in the National Supreme Court and their supporters continue to obstruct a path that has no turning back” and emphasized that “the peacebuilding process has broad institutional, political, union organization and social, as proved again last Saturday in San Sebastián”.

The Central Court of Penitentiary Surveillance of the National audience he has withdrawn the third degree which the Basque government to the ETA prisoner Xabier Atristainwho re-entered Martutene Prison this Friday.

The court is considering an appeal from the public prosecutor against the third degree, granted in July by the Ministry of Justice of the Basque Governmentforcing the detainee back to the prison, where he only went to sleep.

Atristain is serving a 17-year sentence, which was not reviewed by the Supreme Court despite the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) convicted Spain for not allowing this member of ETA choose a lawyer when he was detained incommunicado in 2010.

Following the ECtHR’s resolution, Atristain was released on February 17, but on June 2, when the Supreme Court ruled that there was no need to reconsider his sentence, he was arrested again and returned to prison.

A month later, the Justice Department approved his entry to the third-degree prison, now withdrawn after the prosecution’s appeal was upheld.

According to Etxerat, the Public Prosecution Service has in recent months appealed for the granting of third degrees to 13 ETA prisoners, including Atristain. In August, Justice Minister Beatriz Artolazabal indicated that, as the Basque government runs the prison competition, 25 third degrees have been awarded to members of ETA.

Etxerat has expressed his “outrage” at the court ruling against this prisoner, who has been imprisoned for 12 years despite the fact that the ECtHR “concluded that he had not received a fair trial, as he was not allowed to be a lawyer during his incommunicado detention.” appoint for trust”.

ETA prisoner Carlos Apeztegia released from prison

At the same time, ETA prisoner Juan Carlos Apeztegia Jaka was released from Martutene Prison after serving a four-year prison sentence for providing information to officials of attack prisons.

As reported by Etxerat, Apeztegia Jaka was released from prison this Friday. He had been free since May 2013 and was arrested in Hernani on October 16, 2018.

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Source: EITB


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