The government worries that Feijóo PP’s “first decision” is the rule of the far right in Castile and Le ლეn.


The government on Tuesday expressed concern that the “first decision” of People’s Party President Alberto Nunez Feijo, after he took over the leadership of the main opposition party, was to “accept the proposals of the far right” and “allow their entry” into an autonomous government such as Leon.After a day after Alfonso Fernando Manieko’s investment in a coalition with Vox, executive spokeswoman Isabel Rodriguez condemned the Spanish PP’s attitude as “opposite” to that of other members of the European Union. .

“We see how all European powers are positioning themselves against these proposals of the far right. “In Spain, what the main opposition party is doing is accepting proposals from the far right,” he said. In his view, this is “bad news” for both democracy and the country as a whole, because “instead of establishing a democratic cordon,” what PP is doing is “open the door wide” to the far right.

Also at a press conference after the Council of Ministers, Justice Minister Pilar Lop stressed the seriousness of his view that the PP agrees with “a political force that rejects the state issue, such as the fight against gender-based violence.” . “This is something very serious,” he added, recalling that Vox “denies that more than 1,000 women have been killed in Spain” after counting victims of gender-based violence as “they were because of machismo”.

The “invisibility” of gender-based violence.

“The PP, which is the ruling party in this country that voted in favor of the state pact, should make a clear reflection, because talking about domestic violence means a threat to the rights of women and girls,” Lope said. His reflection came after yesterday, during an investment debate in Castilla y Le ლეn, Manueco adopted the term “domestic violence” defended by Vox. All of this, she added, means “disappearing, there is gender-based violence,” which is “specific violence against women.”

For the government, against the background of these positions, the PP should create a democratic chain, because “if not”, it concluded that it “betrays” the “rights” of women. Isabel Rodriguez added that Vox’s proposals were an “attack” on Spain’s “democratic and constitutional system.” In his view, when discussing relations with the extreme right, “the talk” is “which side is it on”, “what are modern countries doing”, that is, the establishment of a “democratic cordon” or “the extreme right that is attacking democracy”. And coexistence. ”

Source: El Diario


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