Not enough quarters – Karner invites countries to asylum crisis summits today


The increasingly dramatic problem of the reception of asylum seekers leads on Wednesday to a summit between Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) and the state governors. In the evening there will be an exchange, which will partly take place via video. Given the ongoing opposition to the reception of refugees, the Federal Care Agency (BBU) believes there is a risk of homelessness.

Preventing refugees from ending up on the street, that is the goal of department head Gerhard Karner and the BBU. On Wednesday, the UN refugee agency UNHCR called on the countries to create at least some places in every community, which would solve the acute problem.

Most countries do not meet the quota
The situation is complex: there are relatively many asylum seekers who have little chance of asylum, as well as people who have fled the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Both are in the basic service. In addition, no federal state, apart from Vienna and Burgenland, complies with the refugee reception quotas agreed between the federal and state governments.

Tyrol and Carinthia in particular are lagging far behind the demands they themselves had agreed upon. Attempts by the federal government to create at least symbolic lighting with tents on federal facilities are also being scuppered. The tents erected there were demolished with announcements, which are being opposed by the Federal Care Agency in both the Tyrolean community of Absam and in St. Georgen im Attergau in Upper Austria. A new refugee residence in Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia is now back in balance.

The situation is complicated by the fact that this year a particularly large number of refugees from North Africa and India are coming to Serbia via visas and from there to the EU. Many of them want to travel on to other countries, but apply for asylum after being apprehended in Austria and must be accommodated here, at least for the time being, before they proceed – illegally – to their actual target countries.

Refugees become homeless
The problem that the countries do not want tents or offer other facilities is now the reason for the video summit. The BBU under its boss Andreas Achrainer has made it clear in recent days that there is a risk of homelessness if quarters are not created. Because the federal institutions are full. For example, the initial reception center in Traiskirchen is many times busier than originally agreed.

Source: Krone


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