After Moscow visit – Nehammer on CNN: “Putin is stuck in his logic”


After his controversial visit to Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) gave an interview to the renowned American broadcaster CNN. In it, when asked about the president’s condition, he emphasized that Putin had been “very clear” in his statements: “I’m afraid we need to be clear that this war will continue,” Nehammer said.

“I confronted Putin with what I saw. The war crimes, the dead Russian soldiers – and I said clearly that this war must end now,” Nehammer said of his visit to Russia. When asked about Putin’s “mood”, Nehammer emphasized that the Russian head of state was “very clear in his statements”: “In his opinion, he should defend the Russian Federation and the Russians in Eastern Ukraine. I think we have to be prepared that this war will continue.”

Putin is stuck in his own logic
According to the chancellor, Putin is stuck in “his own logic” about the war: “It is very dangerous.” On the other hand, Putin also mentioned the peace talks in Istanbul: “There could be an opportunity here to end this war. But after Nehammer’s visit, Putin also said that peace talks with Ukraine were at an impasse. However, Nehammer emphasized that here, according to him, there is still a way to be found.

Speaking to CNN host Becky Anderson, Nehammer said he also delivered a message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Putin after visiting him earlier: “He asked me to tell Putin that there was an urgent need to open humanitarian corridors. open to residents of Mariupol.” the situation in the heavily disputed port city had deteriorated more and more, all infrastructure, but also electricity and water supply had largely collapsed.

‘Important to look Putin in the eye’
When asked about the criticism of his visit, Nehammer explained: “I think it is very important to look Putin in the eye and tell him that the war has to end now.” Of course, there were also phone calls from other people. Important for EU heads of government, but it is a stronger sign to go to Ukraine first and then confront Putin directly with these images in mind, the chancellor said.

He also confronted Putin about the alleged war crimes he had witnessed, the chancellor said. He also emphasized the importance of investigating these matters and sending the UN to the country: “However, it is not easy for him to talk about it.” Whether Putin got a real picture of the situation from his staff and advisers, it is not clear, he does not know exactly. But it is all the more important to confront the Russian president with exactly these things.

Source: Krone


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