Opposition rages – Golden wing in Parliament: Attacks on Sobotka


The opposition accuses the Turquoise-Green coalition of “indiscriminately” throwing away a lot of money from next year’s budget, but not taking appropriate measures to solve the crises. During the budget deliberations in Parliament on Tuesday, on the initiative of the President of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka, a golden grand piano was placed in the reception area of ​​the recently renovated parliament building.

When asked by APA, parliament said the piano, which costs €3,000 a month in rent, was already included in parliament architect Theophil Hansen’s original plans. It is financed from the arts and culture budget, to which less than 0.5 percent of the total cost of the renovation has been allocated.

FPÖ wants new chairman of the National Council
FPÖ club leader Herbert Kickl saw the purchase as an opportunity to call new elections simply because there would then be a new chairman of the National Council. He literally spoke of a “crazy idea” and mocked the gold-studded wing as an expression of the modesty of politics.

SPÖ points to people at risk of poverty
SPÖ mandate Christian Drobits compared the rental costs of the Bösendorfer wing with those of people at risk of poverty. The livelihood of three people on a minimum income is worth as much as the expenses for the piano.

NEOS proposes other investment opportunities
On the part of NEOS, mandate holder Nikolaus Scherak listed what the money could also be used for in the interest of parliament – for example, for an expansion of the legal and legislative service or more resources for employees.

Source: Krone


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